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3d false eyelashes

3d false eyelashes

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Product category: whole set of false eyelashes
False eyelash stem category: plastic cotton thread stem
Style: elongated eye tail
Material: Imitation mink
Production process: pure manual

Small props for attaching eyelashes:
★ Clip: There are many kinds of eyelash aids. A single bundle of false eyelashes can be used with the help of a clip, so that the false eyelashes can be attached smoothly and conveniently;
★ Small scissors: The entire row of false eyelashes just bought must be trimmed to the length of the eye shape, and the small scissors can be trimmed appropriately;
★ Eyelash glue: There are two kinds of white glue and black glue. Generally, after applying it on the eyelashes, wait a few seconds until the glue is half-dry and stick again;

Multiple uses of false eyelashes:
★ Cut it in half and use it to glue the back of the eye. It is suitable for girls with small and round eyes, and the eyes look bigger;
★ Cut it into a handful of pieces, piece by piece, and use tweezers to stick it on the root of the eyelashes at intervals, which is natural and cute;

How to remove eyelashes:
★ Use your small fingernails to gently lift the bottom line of the eyelashes, then pinch with your fingertips to lift it slowly;
★ Use the tip of your thumb and index finger to gently pull up the false eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye. The technique should be gentle. The used false eyelashes should be completely removed from the glue and put in the box neatly. In this way, the curve of the false eyelashes can remain unchanged for multiple uses. In addition, be careful not to stick eyeshadow powder, mascara, etc. on the false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain and damage the false eyelashes!

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